Blue Skies Before the Storm

Graphic Beauty

Graphic Beauty

The skies are clouding up as the next major Alaskan storm prepares to hit us. Stay warm and dry everyone! This one is going to be a bear.

~ by writerphotodeb on February 16, 2009.

10 Responses to “Blue Skies Before the Storm”

  1. Nice pic of the blue before de dark.
    Are you a prof shutterladybug, or just carry an expensive camera?

    Good luck doing it daily. I have enuf trouble just posting once a week!

  2. I’m an occasional pro shutterladybug. Great phrase. Shot for mags, newspapers, and fun in the film days. Now embracing digital with guns blazing. Have three cameras, hoping to get a new one later this year. Addiction is hard to break, isn’t it?

  3. I’m exploring the wonders of the digital sensor, too. Funny how I used to be such a film snob!

    This is a wonderful image!

  4. A beauty indeed!

  5. Beautiful, like a water color

  6. Lovely shot of those towering century plants. They are glorious in your lens.

  7. The rain today!!! this is a beautiful photo Debbi 🙂 today I’m staying home painting the rain again from the studio… I didn’t sign for this weather! it’s like being back in Europe.

  8. It is so wonderful to see you doing this in Altadena! We have so much richness here. Gorgeous photos so far. I especially love the feel of being up within the branches of this shot.

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