More Camellias

Camelias left in memory

Camellias on "Mel's Garden" bench

The Faded Flower

Ungrateful he, who pluck’d thee from thy stalk,
Poor faded flow’ret! on his careless way;
Inhal’d awhile thy odours on his walk,
Then onward pass’d and left thee to decay.
Ah! melancholy emblem! had I seen
Thy modest beauties dew’d with Evening’s gem,
I had not rudely cropp’d thy parent stem,
But left thee, blushing, ‘mid the enliven’d green.
And now I bend me o’er thy wither’d bloom,
And drop the tear – as Fancy, at my side,
Deep-sighing, points the fair frail Abra’s tomb –
‘Like thine, sad Flower, was that poor wanderer’s pride!
Oh! lost to Love and Truth, whose selfish joy
Tasted her vernal sweets, but tasted to destroy!’

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Well, that my be Coleridge’s opinion. I see this beautiful arrangement as a tribute, a nod, a reminder, to take a moment and breathe.

This is the first of a series of photos from Descanso Gardens in nearby La Canada. I have had a little fun with the developing the first few. Enjoy.

 Poem found at the Poem Hunter


~ by writerphotodeb on January 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “More Camellias”

  1. I don’t know what you did with these but they look yummy.

  2. Thank you! Just a little post production!

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