About AltadenaDailyPhoto

Altadenadailyphoto is, of course, where I’ll post pictures of lovely Altadena, California. After living here more than 13 years, I still love the hills, the gullies, the Arroyo, the canyons, the surprise hail storms, the hiking paths, the parks, neighbors trotting by on their horses, skunks in the backyard, bears and mountain lions in the neighbors’ yards, Nuccio’s Camelia and Azalea Nursery,  and incredibly picturesque moments. Thanks to Petrea Buchard at Pasadena Daily Photo for inspiring me to create this photo blog. You can check out my other blog, Altadenaaboveitall.com for other info and commentary on Altadena. Check out Tim Rutt’s Altadenablog for updated community news. And check out all the city daily photo blogs at citydailyphoto.com.

3 Responses to “About AltadenaDailyPhoto”

  1. Best of luck, Deb! Altadena deserves its own daily photo blog. Congratulations!

  2. Welcome to the loco bloggers union!
    I look 4ward to seeing a new side of Altadena each day.

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